Ford 3-in-1 Road Race Review

This morning thousands of runners braved the cold weather and took to the streets of Pretoria East for the Ford 3-in-1 road race. I hear the 10km was a breeze and I heard quite a few complaints from fellow runners along the 21km route; from distance markers being incorrect to the few nasty surprises (hills) we got along the route as┬áthe race was advertised as “fast and flat”.

What really got to me was the distance; we actually ran 19km instead of 21.1km. I hear the 10km guys also complaining about that route being 500m less.

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Soweto Marathon 2015 Review

With a couple of weeks still left before the race you’re probably wondering why we’ve put up a race review already. Well, this is meant for everything related to the event, from registration (which closes today by the way) down to after race reviews, and everything in between.

If you haven’t entered click on the image below; the registration link and other info is on that page.

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EDIT: Registration has been extended to the 19th of October

nike soweto marathon 2015

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City 2 City Marathon 2015 Race Review

We usually get quite a number of race reviews from the people who visit this website; some on the comment section, the Facebook page and on email.

Firstly we must make it clear that we are in no way affiliated to the races we post on our website, we do that for the benefit of our members and the general running public. A lot of people seem to think we are part of the organisers. We’ll sure keep you posted when we do host our own race, hopefully it’ll be early 2017.

We got an idea to let our visitors post their reviews in the comment section instead of the email that no one will ever see or the Facebook posts you might miss.

So, let’s start with the City 2 City Marathon; how was it for you?