City 2 City Marathon 2015 Race Review

We usually get quite a number of race reviews from the people who visit this website; some on the comment section, the Facebook page and on email.

Firstly we must make it clear that we are in no way affiliated to the races we post on our website, we do that for the benefit of our members and the general running public. A lot of people seem to think we are part of the organisers. We’ll sure keep you posted when we do host our own race, hopefully it’ll be early 2017.

We got an idea to let our visitors post their reviews in the comment section instead of the email that no one will ever see or the Facebook posts you might miss.

So, let’s start with the City 2 City Marathon; how was it for you?

11 thoughts on “City 2 City Marathon 2015 Race Review

  1. Absolutely appalling lack of traffic control and warning to motorists in the area. Total lack of consideration for road users.

  2. From Amanda Stonehouse

    Yesterday I took part in the City 2 City half marathon. I would like to express my disappointment at the organisation or actually lack thereof of this race. The first water point was at 9km and then we had to fetch the water ourselves. It was not being handed out by the people manning the table. The Coke was not ready. We had to wait for it to be poured and it was warm, not cold. At most of the water points after that we had to fetch our own water. Why were there no water points at 3 and 6kms? 9kms is a long way to make us run in the heat with no water. Not to mention the dangerous health consequences. Also, the marshals were not controlling the traffic well at all and at a number of intersections the cars drove through the runners nearly hitting a few of us. It is very disappointing and upsetting when you train for a race and then it turns out like yesterday’s did. Personally I think the organisers should refund our race fee.

  3. YAA neh I want my money back that was dangerous race to take No water on water points hot coke no refreshment aga man sis. and we spend a lot of money for registration.

  4. what a disgusting race, 50km no water point and we paid so much, next year no registration and gonna use it as a training. cga president mr Skhosana, your unsincere apology not welcomed bra,

  5. Disaster disaster disaster. everything was a mess. From the tshirt supply, buses that arrived late, a handful of mobile toilets at the starting point. People had to relieve themselves in the bush and the cherry on top is that the race also started late. How can I miss the water shedding issue for such a big race. Some of us only started getting water with 15km remaining. The residents assisted us with water from their homes. The coke tasted like hot coffee. Than CGA decides to supply us with Marie Biscuits, on a dry mouth nogal. I give up. Most of us experienced cramps as a result of being dehydrated. I don’t think I will do this race again next year.

  6. city2city is always a disaster I think organizers are smoking a whoonga when they prepare this race. Glad I didn’t take part and I will never run city2city again its a disaster, u wake up very early for nothing but kak I think city2city organizers should give up and deal with other things.

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